Voice & Dialect & Public Speaking Coach Lauren Lovett

“The human voice is the organ of the soul.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Your voice and the way you speak can reveal a lot about who you are and how you envision yourself in the world.

Whether you’re an actor preparing for a role, or a business professional who wants to have an impact when presenting, I can help.

From breathing and alignment to tone placement and tongue position, to personal history – yours, your character’s – when we work together, I consider all aspects and customize lessons just for you and your ultimate goal

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Hello Actors,

You are my longest coaching and teaching relationship.
After over 17 years, I know you and I know how to help you discover more depth in your work, whether it’s creating a specific voice and/or dialect for a project, having the option to sound more American, or freeing your voice from tension.
I can be your on-set dialect coach or we can work together to prepare in private sessions.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me.

Voice, Accent or Audition


60 Minute Coaching Session

Audition Only


30 Minute Audition Coaching Session




Hello Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Executives

I am here to help you build your visibility and your impact.

We all know by now that a successful business rests on building good relationships — with clients, vendors, employees, peers and the public at large.

If you feel that your presence in the room is not as vibrant as it could be, or you’re uncomfortable with public speaking, I can help you. It all starts with your Breathpath.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me.



Your voice tells a story about you, and the way you deliver your message can sometimes resonate more than the message itself.

Your vocal presence or lack of it can be the difference between achieving personal goals and the frustration of falling short.

Lauren offers workshops for business professionals in Breathpath Vocal Empowerment and connection as well as classes for actors on Breathpath Connection with audition text and scene work.

She has a space in Burbank or can come to your space in the LA area or anywhere in the US.



Lauren Lovett

The voice is one of the most mysteriously powerful AND vulnerable aspects of our human experience. The way we communicate, the way we produce sound is intensely personal.

When I was acting, my favorite experiences with other dialect coaches and voice teachers were when we we would take everything about the life we’re exploring into consideration to create a specific way of speaking. I’ve worked with other coaches who only gave me a list of sound changes for a “general” regional sound, which though helpful, was only part of the whole picture.

Now that I’m a coach, I meet each client where they are in knowledge of voice and breathing, the International Phonetic Alphabet and overall English language and public speaking experience, in order to customize a lesson plan for each person’s specific goals.

Lauren is a graduate of the Juilliard School Drama Division. She has had additional vocal training from Patsy Rodenburg, Shari Anderson, Deborah Hecht, Robert Williams and Deborah Lapidus. She has also pursued post-graduate studies in Education at Monmouth University and Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

For 25 years Lauren has worked in theaters across the country including the Mark Taper Forum and The Geffen Playhouse in LA.

Lauren has also appeared on TV in ER, Guiding Light, Days of Our Lives and The Whole Truth. She was the voice of the “Childhood Is Calling” campaign for Rice Krispies for many years.

She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, and VASTA


The Speech Ring

Lauren’s Speech Refinement Tool just for YOU!

Use the Speech Ring™ to practice any material you need to say out loud, whether it’s for an audition, presentation or pitch. This little guy is BPA free, and like a nightguard it softens to your specific mouth shape, and can be cleaned and re-shaped with warm water and mild soap.

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Talking about being understood.

Once upon a time, we thought we would try our hand (and voice) at a podcast so we could interview some interesting people and discuss things like Yoga for Your Voice and What Makes a Good Actor or how your fear, stress and history can affect your voice.

Through the First Breath Speech podcast, we explore ways to help you enhance or regain your true voice, so you can speak and be understood.



Client Testimonials

What people are saying about Lauren and Breathpath.

Lauren has been my dialect coach for several years and is truly fantastic!! When I first moved to the states I sounded foreign, or so I’ve been told. Today, after a couple years of working with Lauren people are surprised when they find out I‘m not originally from the US.

She has a sharp ear, catching any sound that is out of place, a wide variety of dialects under her belt and her instructions are clear and specific, adjusted to the individual students needs. Lauren possesses many skills and applies them all in class as needed; physical exercises, text analysis, acting/dialect coaching and even an occasional massage (as it happens she is also a trained massage therapist).

Maya Eshet


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